Monday, June 27, 2011

♥ It's Flowering Time! ♥

It's Flowering Time! 

Super cute brooches are in the house now~ ! 
100% Handmade with  

THEME: Flower 

Get it now! It is limited!

Fair price for all customers out there! 

Assorted types of flower brooches

TYPE: Japanese rose
COLOR: Classic Grey ( SOLD TO Miss Aimi Naquiah )

TYPE: Pearl Carnation
COLOR: Baby blue

TYPE: Japanese rose
COLOR: Blue and Old Pink

On hair:

TYPE: Sweet Seroja
COLOR: Dark blue
( SOLD TO Miss Aimi Naquiah )

TYPE: Sweet Pearl Seroja
COLOR: Hot Pink

Any inquiry? Just email me :)

*Not all the colours are written up there. They are just only a few of it :)
I'm lacking of time !!! Bye ! :}


  1. Qute sangaaat! Pe kata try uat bracelet and ring..cma perlu kecilkan sikit flower, mesti nice..Hepi trying :)